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Love beer and ice cream, try craft beer ice cream

I just ran into this craft beer ice-cream site:; I would love to try the Peach Lambic.  I haven’t tried it yet but if you have, let us know what you think.


Budweiser poster shows opening day for MLB up at NYSE

I’m really not a fan of baseball – but to kickoff the 2011 MLB season, I thought this would be cool to share. The banner says ‘Grab some Buds,’ makes me wonder if they are giving out Buds in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Wonder if their horse drinks Buds? If they are [...]


Samichlaus Classic is the best tasting beer ever

I received a 12-oz bottle of Samichlaus Classic as a gift (as well as other various beers) and this happened to be one of the best beer gifts ever – the taste is super sweet, super smooth, and super strong!!  Believe or not it’s 14% alcohol by volume, yes for one bottle – beats your [...]