German Sports Tower 2 update for February 2013

In the past, I was in communication with Mohannad AbuSidu from Landmark-Properties.  I emailed him a short time ago and found that his email bounced back.  I also found that the site no longer exists.  This team supposedly managed this property in the past.  I’m really unsure who is in charge at this point.

I’ve e-mailed since site is still up but have not heard from them as of yet.

Has anyone else found any details or recent findings for German Sports Tower 2, Dubai Sports City, or Pyamod?

I think the next steps are to get an attorney based in the states and in Dubai, give them a set amount (no hidden fees), and file a class action lawsuit.  If people are on board, just comment on this blog post and I will start looking for an attorney that charges a set price.

It’s been 5+ years – I would have paid off the property in full at this point.




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Dear I have seen so many emails and correspondence regarding doing the class action but nobody actually comes forward, I have paid the amount in full as well, now just waiting that the last link of skeholding website goes off the web.

What do you think the next steps could be ? as many investors I am not in Dubai.

I’m still trying to find someone from the states but after contacting numerous companies and bar associations I’m unable to find someone who deals with the laws and regulations for UAE. There is the National Bar in London, UK – I’m going to try to reach out to them soon to find details on what we can do because we don’t live in UAE.

Wish i could get a half of the money i lost. Do we still have a hope?
It has been too long without action as most of us live not in dubai.

Who is now responsible for GST 2? I am thinking about going to Dubai and banging on a few doors. Just whose door do I bang on. Also as regards to any joint action count me in

Dear Everyone I live in the Uk… I have already done a case on Pyamod/ GS2 …. After nearly 4 years since 2010 I have had no luck… I have almost paid around £25.000… My lawyers are named as one of the best in UAE Emirates Advocates based in Emirates Tower….

I have gone from the courts to the arbitration with no luck at all…. Currently I am awaiting a final judgement in my favour however how do they ever find Pyamod or the people responsible…. I have gone to RERA to find the owners registered on the plot however still named as Pyamod!!! I don’t know what more to do so I suggest think again before doing any kind of court proceedings… However if any updates I do get I will write them on this wall….

Any luck finding ownership from SKE Holding

Hi Afran did you ever win your case in court

Any update on the project or SKE Holdings. It has been 10 years now from the date we booked our flats and paid money but we don;t know anything about the project/company?

Any one having any update or suggestion for future steps, please share the same.

Hey all,
I haven’t heard anything from SKE Holdings, if anyone else has, please provide more information!

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