German Sports Tower 2 updates for August 2011 – office moving again?

I called Pyamod / SKE Holdings on 011 971 4323 5720 (calling from U.S.) – there is a message system that states they are shifting offices now.  For ‘customer support’ they provided a number 011 971 4338 7769 for ‘Landmark Properties.’  I called this new number for Landmark Properties ( and spoke with Lydia on the phone (this is after their annoying message system not responding to the option number you enter – so be patient for about a minute or so and someone should answer the phone).  I asked a few questions, and of course Lydia could not answer any of the questions I asked, but mentioned that ‘Mohammad Abu Sidu’ will call or e-mail me sometime tomorrow about the questions you have on German Sports Tower 2.

Here are the questions I asked:
- Where is Pyamod and SKE Holdings currently?
- Are there any updates to German Sports Tower 2?
- Why are we calling Landmark Properties now and how is this company involved?
- Do you have any answers?

Perhaps someone can call 011 971 4338 7769 for Landmark Properties and find out details.  Everyone needs to keep calling and keep pushing them to give us some answers.  If we call work together, we can get some results.  As you all can see, I’ve received many responses from people/investors all over the world who have invested in this property, please call – let’s get some answers!!!  And of course, I’ll post my answers (if I get any).



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German Sports Tower 2 updates for August 2011 – office moving again? |…


Hi dear admin
Thanks for your atmps but, I think we should take an action .simple act is calling them as you suggest and they lay us simply ,it isn’t enough and effectiveness .if you have coustomer mail you can invite group in a session or in a place to act together with sharing fees to take a lawyer in dobai. I can’t do that because of my English .if I could I had suffered for our intrest .as I said befor there is a group in Facebook named pyamod .please join the group and inite others for best contact between investors. My email is;
Thank you

That’s great, but do we know that German Sports Tower 2 is included within these 114 projects??

What’s the link for the Facebook page? Have you joined Dubai Investors Google Group?

Don’t see any good news in the link for guaranteed funding , it says projects which are atleast 60% complete will qualify, and also the areas mentioned does not include GST1 or GST2.

Good morning all,

Has anybody been able to speak to landmark on the subject of german sports tower

Has anyone been able to contact SKE Holdings. I got an email from them back in Jan 2011

Dear sir,

Sorry for the delay in reply which is due to the tremendous amount of e-mails and enquiries that we’re receiving from our clients. In regard to your enquiry we would be more than glad to offer you re-allocation to another project where construction has already started. In case you are interested then we will be sending you several options for you review in the near future.


Customer relations

Where is this REALLOCATION?!?!?!?!

This is pissing me off since I have over €60k in this scam. These mother******* have taken our hard earned cash and squandered it on Cars boats and other luxuries.

No one ever picks up the phone, no one emails you back and there is not one person that can help. I suggest we write to Sheikh Saeed Bin Mohd. Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum after all he has “written” on the SKE website.

If we club together surely we can get some answers.

I also found this which doesnt read at all well

Unhappy Investor
View profile
More options Jun 9 2010, 5:18 pm
Below is a message I received on my blog – it’s in regards to German
Sports Tower II in Dubai Sports City. Would anyone know how much of
this is true and what I / we can do to get our refund or get some
feedback from Pyamod???
I worked at Pyamod for two to three weeks. I bought an apartment from
them in 2007 thru a real estate agency and then they closed the
contract thru a sales agent named “paul mokhtari” I later brought him
a few more clients from Iran and I would collect a 4% commission. no
one pays that much commission, and the only reason they did was
because they had no plan of building them. I later started working for
them as sales.
the head of pyamod is not Roland Paxino, even though it seems like
that. the master mind behind it is a man from Pakistan named
him and two of his brothers named “esrar” and “imtiaz” pulled off this
scam. this was well planned and they used Paxino as front man.
most of the money has gone to “Iftikhar” and his brother “Imtiaz” (he
was the sales director), they pulled off these scams and they knew
about it the whole time. and they had the sales persons such as
“mokhtari” get bribes and other gifts so they keep everything quiet.
Imtiaz and Mokhtari are still in UAE;
Paxino blew most of his money on furniture and his show room and
couple cars and boats, the best way to get anything out of this
company is to go after the master minds, they later opened another
company advertising the same concept “German Engineering.” their
company’s name is casamia. you guys have better chance of success if
you go after the three brothers and the sales persons.

There is one person I contacted, but it’s through Landmark, not SKE Holdings. Last time I called the number for SKE Holdings, it was actually a number for Landmark. A bunch of bull-crap I think, but if you do need to reach out, I e-mailed I’ll post an article with the important notes soon, he pretty much said 1 – we’ll get an update within a few weeks, 2 – when that time came, he said that he didn’t get a response from SKE Holdings officials, 3 – after some more time, he said to get info from RERA Dubai, and that he didn’t have any other answers.

Hey everyone; I had studied all of your comments. I had such problems and headaches. I gone to the court and follow my matter since 2008 till now. but they didnt return back my money and i paid big amount also to the lawyers. my friend told me about company that swapping and he did that so
i gone to the company and they said they will swap it to ready one. now I had swapped my units to ready projects. let me know if anyone want to solve his/her problems. they offered me very good offer and i accept it because i tried all other ways but no benefits. I can give their number. they might help you also.

Don’t fall for daliya’s crap. She works for the people that she will tell you helped her. She doesn’t have a property at all.

Follow this link and read her comments and my response dated 29th Jan. 2012.

They are trying to get you to invest in more property that they effectively selling you at a very high price.

This is just another scam – don’t fall for it. Read my comments.

Dear john;
I am not scam and i am not beside anyone. well, thats make me really sad john. i had gone to lawyers. believe me i paid a lot to lawyers. unfortunately before this situation i didnt know how is the court over UAE or even the lawyers. i was keeping calling them all days and they wasn’t continuing with me the situation. not only one year dear john. i become tired of it. so i left it. then i knew that they are not going to pay for me and lawyer keeping asking money. he give me promises, what he done? did he return my money? no. it wasnt the money for me only but it gave me headaches. i was more angry as you are. but i didnt say for anyone that they are fake or scam.i hurt also, a lot they hurt. as dear christian mentioned they suicide because of this. i dont have money problem but i knew few pepole who sold whole life. of course I am human and real and i feel so upset even more than you for them. i dont earn my money easily as well. i am working hard to have it. more than 18 hours daily. i wont say fake or scam for my lawyers as well. i respect them. i do respect all pepole. they done what they can do. I am real Dear john. it was my experience and i wanted to share it with you guys. thats it. i am not saying to do what you dont like to. who is daliya? is she going to tak benefits from you? of course i am not. just i put comments as the others. so shall i call them also scam?
actually before to do swap, i was searching in google and i found and i read all comments and i become sure that pymod isnt going to construct. so i found last solution . actually for my situation it wasnt bad idea. yeah, its right that i am paying now but i am satisfied. i know everyone is angry but its not good to say bad about someone who dont know it. well, in the end it was up to me and it will be also up to you. it was my properties and its your properties. you can do whatever you want to. arent you happy that at least there is someone to answer? i was happy actually . for financially; I am paying monthly more than what you mentioned. but the price was suitable for me and i didnt swap like this. it took me a lot to search. its right that they gave me bigger investment but they really support. i needed someone to support me after a long time investing here and after a long time of headaches. i told to the company if i knew that you had swap in 2008, i was coming to do it immediately.

Is fake or not? why is there any phone number on the site?

Why does police in Dubai not close

Hi guys I am currently in Dubai and will be going to SKE offices and also going to see the plot where GST2 was “supposedly” meant to have been built.

I am on 00971559801167 if anyone wants to contact me. I have a friend of mine (local property guy) who will try and help with SKE and also RERA.

From what I hear so far most of the money rfom the escrow account has been siphoned off by the government.

I will keep you posted.

hi to all i went to rera in dubai for 5 time in 5 years there is no one care what happand this is just so sad of dubai government to be like that .

Nash – your post has nothing to do with SKE, Pyamod or any of our Projects. It doesn’t refer to German Sports Towers. Notice the word STARS in there and also the copmpany is called ACI Dubai.

Hi all

I was in Dubai sevral times last year(2011). Pyamod’s Office was closed and I think Pyamod company don’t want to start any projects. they didn’t answer to my phone and also Emails.
the best solution is losers start compalin Pyamod, SKE holding or even Dubai goverment!!! all of them are fake and you couldn’t belive them.

Hi Everyone, I bought an ‘office’ at the Pyamond site. Like the rest of you I too have been frustrated and angry at the way we have all be lied and betrayed by this company.
I just received an email from this company, has anyone else received this one? Any advice would be useful.
I too visited the land Registration and complained about Pyamond. I don’t feel they really care, the guy just told me to go to court, great advice eh? Anyhow here is the email!

“Mussarat Sultana”


Dear Client,

Greetings from

Hope this email finds you

Allow us to take this opportunity to be introduced to you with
this email. My name is MUSSARAT, from_ __FREEHOLD PROPERTY SALES
CENTER_, settled in Dubai (U.A.E).

We have been trying to call you
several times and unfortunately we were not able to reach you.

call us back via our free call center – 800-EMWIN (36946) to discuss
your investment held in Pyamod.

Should you require any further
assistance or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mussarat Sultana
Clients Relation Officer

Freehold Property Sales
Centre L.L.C. (Branch)

Office # 2901, 29th Flr. Saba Tower 1, Jumeirah
Lakes Towers

P.O. Box: 346087 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Toll Free
# 800- EMWIN
Landline #: 00971 – 44528777 Ext.: 210

Fax #: 04.452.8787

They will continue to do that, given our infomation to these call centers,(emwin) where they have many clients relation officer each one bosting not less than 10 years experince in property dealing. They are expert in playing around with robbed investor and catch a fish. These crooks will never give the right information to what happened to our projects GERMAN SPORTS TOWER, GST1, GST2 and orders.


dear Mussarat Sultana,

i received a call from regarding the chapal desinty can you please send me more detailes to my email and as well the mobile phone for ms hajar to follow with her and thank you in advance

I have not received any type of letter.
this is where all our hard working money went go see it for your self itssss sadddddd

I was in dubai last week and visited saba tower 1. Jumairah Lake tower. I asked to the reception, wanted to talk to someone regarding GST1 after a while came a guy named Wagas Majid right hand side upper corner written FPSC. I told him I want to know about GST1, he replied he has no information about GST1, but he has a swap proposal about this , I wanted to know his proposal then he started he can offer me Olympic tower 2 bed for AED 1 500 000/- rental guarantee
AED 60 000/ annum. one has to pay 50% of the said amount, they will deduct AED 250 000 from my earlier payment to pyamod. I have checked the price in the market which the price for this two bed is less than AED 1 000 000/- some agents are selling this apartments with KIA car. LuLu´s grocery check and furniture check etc etc.
I told this guy Majid. you might have some master planner inside this office to cheat the investors in Pyamod by the name of swap and this is the most nonsensical offer i can imagine.
Be careful of this trap!!

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