Issues connecting to HP Mediasmart Server ex490 on local network

I’m having issues connecting to the HP MediaSmart Server EX490 on my network; for some reason it was working before for a good solid 6+ months but all of a sudden, after installing Windows 7 on one of my PCs, I can no longer connect to it via the Win 7 Desktop, or any of my laptops running Win XP.

So out of the three lights visible on the front face of the EX490, I found that the first two were solid blue while the third light was a flashing blue. The first light is for power, the second light represents network status, while the third light is for health status. The third light that’s flashing blue means that the OS on the server is either starting up or shutting down. In this case, I have two 1TB drives, and only one of the LEDs was lit up – which was the hard-drive that came with the server. Unfortunately, the other drive that I bought was a Western Digital (WD) Green Drive (1 TB). I say unfortunately because these do not work well with the HP Media Servers; they’ll work for 6 months without any issues, and after that, you’ll start to see problems such as this issue I’m having.

So, because of these WD Green Drives having issues, the OS has trouble to start up or shut down. This is what I had to do to solve the problem:
- do a hard restart (hold the button in the back of the unit for a few seconds)
- pull the WD Green HD a few inches out (so that it’s not connected)
- hit the button in the back of the unit again to start it up
- now the third light will be blinking again meaning that the OS is loading
- wait up to 5 minutes (yup, this long!) for the third light to be a solid blue or red
- one should be able to log into the box

At this moment, the second hard-drive is not connected to the server. What I did next was to connect to the server via my laptop (running Win XP). I was having issues connecting so I used Remote Desktop connection to connect and was successful. Either use the IP for the server (if you know it), or use the server name to connect. You have to make sure the server is on the same network as your laptop/PCs AND is reachable, you can do a ping servername at the command line prompt within Windows. I was able to connect to my server from my laptop. I then connected the WD Green HD to the server, and saw that the LED (on the right side of the drive) was on.

I tried connecting through my Windows 7 PC but was unable to. I added the IP to the hosts file for my server to make sure that it’s hitting the server. Hosts file can be found here: c:/windows/system32/drives/etc/hosts. You’ll need to add something like (.116 being the IP of your server): nameofserver

In Windows 7, make sure you right click on notepad and choose ‘run as administrator’ otherwise you won’t be able to save your work. Also make sure you look for *.* all files and not just .txt files when looking for the hosts file.

After all that, I found that the WD Green HD was the issue again, because I couldn’t install the Windows connector on my Win 7 PC (it wasn’t locating my server). I was towards the tired track so I said I’ll try the process again on another day (removing the WD Green HD and restarting). A recommendation for these type of drives – Advanced Format Hard Disks – was given; and should help with performance with the EX490. I was told to read up on Microsoft Knowledge Article 2385637 and that there is a hard-drive fix (by changing the jumper settings) so it works well with this server. I don’t see any jumper setting recommendations so I’ll have to follow up again or look for a similar article. Will update this post once I do since I’m still having trouble connecting to the server via my Win 7 Desktop.

If you would like to read the beginning of a thread I started, please visit – cannot connect to server of local network after win 7 install. I thank the people on the thread as well in helping me resolve the issue.


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