Where is Pyamod currently?

**Thanks to Adnan – Pyamod.ae now redirects to SKE holdings (skeholding.com). The phone, fax numbers, and office address are the same as before; although I haven’t tested the phone number yet. They posted a new e-mail address info@skeholding.com as well.**

In the ongoing struggles to find out any information from Pyamod; I recently found out that their website www.pyamod.ae is ‘under construction.’  My guess is that they took down the site forever and will never put it back up.  Reason being is because a few of us tried to contact them on their office phone number but are unable to get through.  Here is their now old information:


Dubai Islamic Bank Building
Office 5, 1st Floor
Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 4 3417883
Fax: +971 4 3417898

If anyone has any updates on their new information, please let us know! Let’s just hope they moved to a new location and will give us information! We shall wait and see.


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Pyamod.ae redirects now to SKE holdings, same projects listed, following is the letter from president in one link.

Welcome to SKE Holding,
SKE Holding was founded to cater the growing demand of real estates in Dubai market. With the collaboration of its professionals who are well-recognized with their unmatched experience in both the real estate development and construction, SKE Holding is being considered as one of the leading firms in the real estate development field.

Under the leadership of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the real estate market in Dubai has witnessed a phenomenal growth prior to the global financial crisis. After the financial crises hit the global market, the real estate market all over the world was affected, but the effect varied among countries. The effect on the real estate sector in Dubai was not of a great concern when looking at other real estate markets.

I believe that today is the most favourable time for acquiring assets in Dubai.

The real estate sector has always been a cyclical investment, which means that you need to identify the right time to buy at the right price before the trend shifts upward. In Dubai the trend has just shifted upward; and therefore, this is a very strong signal to buy and make good profits in the short-term while the long-term would be even more promising.

SKE Holding was one of the first real estate firms to start assets acquisition in Dubai, with the first acquisition of 7 unique projects the company has built a very strong portfolio in the emirate, and we are still seeking more projects to acquire. We believe in the prosperous future of Dubai because we believe in the vision of our leader H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


Sheikh Saeed Bin Mohd. Bin Khalifa Al Maktoum

Thanks for the update! This looks promising – well, to some extent.

I have invested with Pyamod as well and have received email
from SKE holding that they have taken over the all their projects. their listed ph. NO and add. is not Valid.
If any body has current info please email it to me or post.

I am in the same position and can not find them. can eny body help me?

Pyamod phones are not working. Their address is as follows:
1st Floor, Dubai Islamic Bank Building, Office-5, Shaikh Ziad Road, Near Time Squire, After Farari Showroom, Dubai.
I am not from UAE, request some one from Dubai to please visit them and post their latest phone numbers etc.

I just called SKE Holdings today and someone from the IT Department picked up the phone. He said to ask all your questions to Mr. Ghaled (Customer Relations) because he doesn’t want to give out incorrect information; he wasn’t in work today but may come into the office tomorrow. He also stated that they are working on some restructuring – either to transfer all investors to one building or similar. Mr. Ghaled’s email address is csr@skeholdings.com, I personally have tried emailing him numerous times but never received a response.
Again, if calling from the U.S., please dial 011-971-43235720.

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man irani hastam wa az sherkat pyamod yek aparteman kharidam ta b hal bala taklif mandeh lotfan kolieh kasani k az in sherkat kharid kardehand ba man tamas egirand ta betawanim hamdigaro payda konim wa ba ham rahi baraye hal in moshkel payda konim 00989166912463 ahmad akaber

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Salam doostan. Man ham yek vahed az ina kharidam va dige azashoon khabari nist. Chizi ham tooye site e regulariry e dubai az pishrafte sakhtemoon nemibinam. Shomareye tamas e man: 0937-1857735. Agar khastid kari anjam bedid roo man ham hesab konid

Hi, i’ve paid for an apartment to this company too. It’s been like 4 years, but it’s like a year since I have no access to them. There was a lady who was in charge until like a year ago but now, nothing… RERA website also says there’s no progress at all. I’ve already paid like 70k USD. Is it gone?!

Thank you for translating! I’m not sure where our monies are or who is in charge at this point. I keep bothering RERA Dubai (rpdubai.com), especially sending notes on their contact page (http://www.rpdubai.com/rpdubai/home/contactus.do?lang=0) but nobody replies back. Everyone, please try calling the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) at their call center : +971 – 4 – 222 – 1112. My goal right now is to bother them EVERYDAY until I get answers. Please, if everyone can do the same, we may get some answers or feedback from them!

I have the same situation like you,if who have their contact details,please let me know,thanks a lot,

I got this do day, what do you think, is it real or fake?

Dear investor,

Greetings from SKE Holdings Ltd.

In response to the continues demands from many of our valued clients to shift their units to an on-going construction projects, the management has decided to offer a swap option to all of our clients interested in the swap. The swap will be in accordance to availability and unit sizes and shall take 1-month period to be finalized.

Please find below the procedure for such swap:

- Customer sends an expression of interest.

- Company will respond with current availability in several ongoing projects.

- Old contract will be cancelled and a new contract will be signed in which payments will be linked to construction in accordance to RERA’s guidelines.

- Customer payments will be locked in Escrow Account and shall not be used until the developer reaches an agreeable decent construction progress. Additionally, customer payments shall be used exclusively for construction purposes and not for any other purposes.

Hope of receiving your expression of interest and looking forward to assisting you in all of your inquiries.

Please feel free to contact us on office number +9714-3614047, +9714-3235720 or through email on info@skeholding.com

Which e-mail address was it sent from? Ask them to send more information including an agreement on paper signed by them. It seems fake or a bunch of bullsh** to me!!

It is just send from info@skeholding.com

I dont understand why this scam is not stopped by the police, goverment or someone else in Dubai, this scam is crasy!!!!

go to this link and see it for your self where all our hard working money went Roland paxino scam artist which who tool all our money and ran away to germany and spended on all expensive cars private jet …..
go to your face book and search for roland paxino

Hi guys I know him I know Where he is living what do you Pay if i help you guys to get him ?

What is the current status of the project :”German Design Villas on Al-Helio rd in Adjman. Im out 110K USD. Can anybody in the UAE tell me if this project was ever completed? If not,, was the foundation ever poured?

Much appreuicate any intel from resdients of Dubai UAE_ thankx

As every one know that construction projects are developed in Dubai in this year, do you have any update regarding The PYAMOD German Supreme Tower I? If so please let us know as well, we have already purchased two Apartments in 2007, still there is no news, if you have any update regarding the projects, their office or mobile phone please let me know…
Thank you

Does anybody know if SKE Holdings will go ahead with the PYAMOD German Sports Tower 1 project or do they intend to try and sell the project. There is very little being revealed and I cannot get into the SKE Holdings website.

I would like to know about the German design tower 1 project in Dubai sport
city.How can we shift to another project and new company or real state accept
our previous payments?

Roland paxino is now doing romance scams..he can be found on a few different dating sites, one being badoo. He is asking for vacation leave forms to be filled out, he also refered me to a fake bank site. His current email is rolanpaxino678@gmail.com and he has a contact address in florida , usa..i can give you the exact address if you would like to email me. The contact house is up dor sale so i dont know how long that address will be valid for.
The fake bank site is royal atlantic bank, brussels, belgium.
All this information is current , and im hoping people get a chance to put it to good use.

Tried to scam me 500.00 gave me a canadianaddress to send the money in a bank in canada date June 2017 met him in millionaredates.com

Lorie and Kim please tell me if he still in contact with you .

Does anyone knows his contact address in Florida . I’m in Orlando . I can check it out

Hi can anyone tell me more about this man

Kim what is your email address

Wow, it’s very sad to hear Roland is back at it again. Please let us know what you find out and if he has any of our investments with him, thanks! And sorry that he’s scamming you, this is terrible news.

Did he do this before while in Dubai .scamming women. He got a logit business in Frankfurt right ?

Hi Lorie please email me when you see this. I want some info about this man elizabeth_merle@yahoo.com

I’m waiting for you kim and or lorie

I believe I am currently being scammed by some one claiming to be Roland Paxino. He contacted me through Instagram, Badoo, & now on Hangouts.The email he gave is rolandpaxino502@gmail.com & phone # 1 424-253-6237.

He claims to be in Dubai at this moment. Said he flew there from Beverly Hills California just 4 days ago. He’s requesting a money transfer from me for $2500.00 to a Harmony Security Company here in the US. Of course this is under the guise of him claiming to be in love & I will receive millions in return. I am not falling for it. Just would like any comments you may have & hope this helps someone else.

Just in case, any of you still waiting for GST1 update ? that was completed and handed over May-2017. If you still donot know about this contact Uniestate properties https://uniestate.com they took it over and completed it.

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I have been approached by this man. Can you send me some info please

He is now working the ladies at OurTime.com, a popular dating site for people over 50. Claimed to be from Richmond, Canada and in his very first message asked me to contact him at rolandpaxino502@gmail.com. Other tell tale signs were a claim to have a masters degree and have yearly income over $150,000 CDN.

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