Bennigan’s in Saddle Brook, New Jersey reopened last Friday Feb 15, 2013

As I was driving by 405 North Midland Ave in Saddle Brook last Friday February 15, 2013 – I happened to catch the parking lot of Bennigan’s being significantly full.  They’ve re-opened this location – can’t wait to hit it up!

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German Sports Tower 2 update for February 2013

In the past, I was in communication with Mohannad AbuSidu from Landmark-Properties.  I emailed him a short time ago and found that his email bounced back.  I also found that the site no longer exists.  This team supposedly managed this property in the past.  I’m really unsure who is in charge at this point.

I’ve e-mailed since site is still up but have not heard from them as of yet.

Has anyone else found any details or recent findings for German Sports Tower 2, Dubai Sports City, or Pyamod?

I think the next steps are to get an attorney based in the states and in Dubai, give them a set amount (no hidden fees), and file a class action lawsuit.  If people are on board, just comment on this blog post and I will start looking for an attorney that charges a set price.

It’s been 5+ years – I would have paid off the property in full at this point.




German Sports Tower 2 update for June 2012 – call Vice President of SKE Holdings

So I haven’t heard much of any news for German Sports Tower 2 (GST2) or Dubai Sports City or even RERA (their e-mail seems to be down).  The only thing I did hear back was from Mohannad AbuSidu, Business Development Executive of SKE Holdings. Here is what he stated:

Please contact Ehab on 00971-50-9933355

He is the vice president of SKE holding

If anyone gets through to Ehab, please let us know. We need answers!


Love beer and ice cream, try craft beer ice cream

I just ran into this craft beer ice-cream site:; I would love to try the Peach Lambic.  I haven’t tried it yet but if you have, let us know what you think.


Free Kindle ebooks

I love free stuff.  Now that I have a Kindle device, why not free e-books.  Here are a few sites I found to get em:

If you have any recommendations, feel free to comment; I can certainly add them to this list.


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